Ethics Pact


The company believes in establishing and maintaining high standard of ethical practices in its business, work related practices and procedures. One of its core business values is to adopt and follow ethical business standards.

As a result of this, the Company has introduced Ethics Pact to be signed with its various business associates including vendors, suppliers, service providers etc. The company and its business associates have been signing Ethics Pact since 2006. This helps generate an environment of mutual trust and confidence between the parties.

With a view to make the efforts more transparent, fruitful and purposeful, the company has also obtained the consent of a person of impeccable integrity and high repute to act as "Independent Monitor / Umpire".

Signatories of the Ethics Pact are requested to contact the "Independent Monitor / Umpire Shri Sudhir Mankad, IAS (Retd.) former Chief Secretary of Govt. of Gujarat" , for redressal of grievances, if any, related to non-fulfillment of commitment by either party (signatories to the Ethics Pact") at the following address:

Shri S. G. Mankad, IAS (Retd.)
Bhavnagar Energy Company Ltd.,
Block No.8, 6th Floor,
Udyog Bhavan, Sector-11

Ph. No.: 079-23257172 / 23241391
Fax No.: 079-232455-6

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