Society for Village Development in Petrochemicals Area (SVADES)

GIPCL is committed to improving the socio-economic condition of the people and the environment in and around its projects and establishments. GIPCL has promoted a Trust at Vadodara plant, for service to the society.

SVADES has been promoted in 1995 by nine companies, including GIPCL, in Petrochemicals Complex. It is a voluntary, not-for-profit, rural development organization. It works in 16 panchayats consisting of 40 villages, with a total population of 2,00,000. It works in the areas of sanitation, approach roads, water supply, primary education, health, afforestation, income generation, community research and environmental education.

Adoption of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) at Jhankhvav and Dediapada

In terms of its various CSR initiatives, GIPCL has adopted ITI's in the remote tribal belts of Jhankhvav(Dist: Surat-Gujarat) and Dediapada (Dist: Rajpipla- Gujarat).

The initiative consists of putting in continuous efforts for up gradation of these ITI s in to "Centre of Excellence" under the PPP(Public Private Partnership) mode for which IMC s have been formed as envisaged under the scheme with active involvement of the Company personnel in the functioning of these ITI s. The Company has nominated its Senior executives as Chairman and Trustees of these IMC s. This way the company proposes to bring benchmark facilities in ITI-trade education to the people of these remote and backward areas enabling better opportunities of employment and income for them.

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